Granada is one of the largest cities in southern Spain , situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada . The area of ​​Granada , which also include Malaga and Almeria , remained in Moorish hands until 1492, hence still see so many Moorish influences in this part of Spain.

Who says Granada , Alhambra immediately says. Although Granada itself is well worth the effort of a comprehensive tourist visiting the many thousands of tourists almost all come only for the Alhambra , the only remaining Moorish palace in Spain.

The Alhambra was originally a complete city . There were 40,000 people . The entire complex of Moorish palaces , including the hill and the area around the palace is now called the Alhambra . The Alhambra actually consists of three parts : the Alcazabar , the Alcazar , either Palacios Nazaries , and the Generalife.
It Alcazabar the fort , the oldest part of the Alhambra . Ruins of ancient walls and towers that give an enchanting view . The highest tower is the Torre de la Vela , who, after the conquest of the Moors of a Catholic belfry was provided immediately.
The Alcazar , either Palacio Nazaries , is the actual palace complex . It is one of the wonders of Spain with an incredible number of rooms and halls in astonishingly well-preserved Moorish architecture .
The Generalife , the summer palace and therefore consists largely of beautifully landscaped gardens with cypress , boxwood hedges , orange trees , ponds , fountains , thousands of flowers and beautiful views and vistas .
A visit to the Alhambra can easily take a day , but Granada itself is also worth a day visit . Worth seeing are the Cathedral, the Palalcio the mandraza the Carthusian Monastery La Cartuja and the San Nicolas with the best views of the city.