Gibraltar is a little piece of England in Spain.
That alone makes for long lines of tourists for customs. Because everyone in the neighborhood wants to visit this British phenomenon .
This striking, where English is spoken , English pubs donate ales , where British Bobby's control traffic and where paid with British pounds is a perfect stranger on the Costa del Sol for a nice bit of variety makes during the holidays .

Take a visit to Gibraltar to be prepared on a few things : You come in with only a passport , it is crowded and, especially, expensive! The united Europe does not exist here and the customs is unrelenting day against people without travel documents .

The large crowds and passport control ensure long queues at the border. Park your car already on the road in La Linea , the narrow strip that connects Gibraltar to the mainland . Put your car a lot before Gibraltar on the side of the road ( Tourists may Gibraltar 're not inside the car ) La Linea soon as the first form of a file begins to emerge . Who asked enough car park does not have to pay for parking and walk easily to the border faster than standing in the file.
Just after the border you can take a tourist bus to the center . Nice if it happens to be a double-decker is (cost Euro return) , running to get there in ten minutes .
Where in the world you need a runway for aircraft to cross the city to come ? In Gibraltar ! With a little luck jumping the lights on red and you have to wait for a plane moving along . A free attraction .

Instead of taking the bus , you can also right at the border to take a sightseeing tour with a mini van by Gibraltar . The buses take you past all the tourist attractions , but do be aware that some tour costs around 30 Euro per person . By the way, now we are talking about millions: Gibraltar pound is the English national currency. Payment in euros is not a problem only is there a significant adverse price ( especially on terraces ) precalculated . If you pay with euros you soon 8-13 % more expensive ! No problem if you only briefly visiting Gibraltar , but if you want to drink , rich food and shopping is advance change recommended in British pounds.

Dolphin safari

Dolphins come off the Spanish coast regularly . Just off the coast of Gibraltar , they are often found , which is why daily dolphin tours are held by a number of companies. Again : it's not cheap , but if you run into a school of dolphins , the journey fully worth its price Please note that no company is ensuring that you get really even see dolphins .... .. although the boat trips are organized throughout the year is the best chance to really see a lot of the period from September to December. few dolphins At that time, about 500 dolphins off the coast of Gibraltar . In other months it is often nice when you see one or two dolphins . But as the month of May is not really suited to see dolphins no one will tell you in advance ... and then some boat at sea , no matter how beautiful , yet soon a disappointment.
Two different firms offer safaris to , both are located on the Marina Bay. Stunning is the trip with the Nautilus IV , a semi-submersible boat which you can watch . Underwater dolphins From the neighbor : the Dolphin Safari , go to sea with a fast catamaran . That is a very different kind of experience. Beware that you buy the right tickets because they try to pick ! Way for each door customers

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