Seville is the capital of Andalusia . The city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world . Stunning architecture and beautiful parks along a lazy river .

Who first visit Seville is well advised to choose his way so he enters the city from the east , on the Paseo de las Delicias , the Avenue of Delight . A name that says nothing much . Paseo de las Delicias is a very broad avenue on the left side of the quay of the Guadalquivir and left gardens and parks . Just before entering the center you can see the imposing tower of the Giralda looming .
The main attraction of this unforgettable city is the Cathedral with the Giralda .
The Cathedral of Santa Maria de la Sede is overwhelming. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world . But even more famous Giralda who is against it , and is now considered as a tower of the cathedral . In reality it is a 97 meter high minaret of an old mosque which was built in 1184 at this place. . The Sevillians liked this minaret would be nice to them when they destroyed the mosque , minaret left standing . In 1401 ,
Opposite the cathedral you will find the Reales Alcazar , built prior to the Alhambra in Granada , but not nearly as nice .
While the Alhambra was not built by the Moorish rulers , was at the same time Sevilla already reconquered by the Spaniards and the Alcazar was under Spanish architecture , but with Moorish influences , was built.