Ronda is one of the most remarkable Spanish cities . Ronda is built on two rocks , which the 150- meter deep valley ( " El Tajo " ) forms of the Rio Guadelevin . Because of this vast valley , the city , as it were divided in half , while the houses on the edge of the gorge seem to balance . To connect the "old" part of town and the " new" section together was in the eighteenth century, a spectacular bridge built which now has become a special tourist attraction . From the bridge you have a fantastic view of the huge valley where the river Guadelevin a small stream seems to be . Via stairs you descend a bit along the bridge , a popular attraction for sightseers . But who really wants to see the most beautiful view of Ronda there must insert anything energy .

Not many tourists know that you can descend through the caves of Los Minos . Completely in the valley
The entrance to Los Minos look through from the bridge towards the old town to walk and then take the first left to go . In a corner of the street is the unobtrusive Casa del Rey Moro .
Through this house you can with a staircase of 360 steps that IN the rocks is carved entirely down to the river . A breathtaking descent , both literally and figuratively . The cave is damp and ..... Remember: you should also back up 360 steps !
If you end up back on the street ( tired or not ) by the Moorish garden and still not have enough of a challenging walk , do not walk back but go down further. Walk along the remains of the Moorish bathhouse ( shooting prohibited, but there really is no one in the bath ) and you get a great view of the old city walls . With a bit of luck there is a flock of sheep grazing . Keep moving along the wall and you'll end up at the entrance gate of the old Ronda after you walk down the street all the way back up to the bridge over the gorge .
For the most amazing views of the bridge itself you have now on the other side are exactly . Walk from the bridge towards the old town, turn right into the narrow streets and looking to go to the Puerta de los Molinos . From the square there is a path down . At first quietly , but soon it becomes more difficult path to walk. Perseverance ! At some point you reach the remains of an ancient fort , from there you can see the bridge are in full glory.

Ronda, Andalusia, Spain in HD