In the tenth century, Cordoba was the capital of the Moorish kingdom Al-Andaluz, arguably the most important city in Europe. That lasted until the city was recaptured in 1236 by the Spaniards from that date did the decay of Cordoba. Although currently, after Seville, the city is still the second largest city of Andalusia.

The main attraction is the huge mosque of Cordoba Mezquita LA. Covering an area of ​​23000 square meters, is the largest mosque in the world after the mosque of Mecca. The mosque consists of 19 transepts and 36 naves, the roof is supported by a forest of pillars and two-tone arches, the whole giving the appearance of a petrified palm forest.

In 1523 Alfonso X built a cathedral in this mosque. It is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world, yet there were "only" 63 pillars removed and a piece of the roof cut away to build, that the sheer size of the mosque once is also underlined. Cathedral in the mosque

Cordoba Cathedral (Mezquita de Cordoba), Andalusia, Spain in HD